repro my old photo of beautiful Kiki Chan from Olive Tree band using phone camera

legend event "Class of 95" held at Common Room when they were still rent a beautiful Dutch colonial architecture house at Jalan (road/street) Kyai Gede, Bandung, March 12th, 2005. The free entrance gigs was so close & no boundaries. At some part there is a dialogue between Gustaff Iskandar, the man behind the common room who also famous for his work as Mocca - My diary music video which was a breakthrough low budget collage concept music video which kicked out standard using famous model by famous Indonesian musician from the top trend of MTV Indonesia at that time. He chat with Indra Ameng, manager of White shoes at that time also with Sari, Ale and some of the band member before they were started the gig. If I'm not mistaken it was White shoes first gig in Bandung. They were played at the backyard of the stage. At that tim I was still at journalistic campuss and at the end of their show me and my friend who made a zine gave them some of our zine and asking them for the interview. 2017 who didn;t know White Shoes. They are one of the luckiest Indonesian band who played at SXSW festival, USA. After White Shoes, there is an Olive Tree, band who lead by keyboard and singer Kiki Chan. Her childish voice is just wesome and made a great alternative image for her remind me of The Dresden Dolls music. Inside of the room there were also a memorabilia of Indie movement in Bandung such as poster of legend event, and some photo of gig one of them was Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth when she and her band was playing in Indonesia. One of my biggest regret didn't come to the gig which also attended by Foo Fighter & Beastie Boys circa middle 90s. By the way Kim Gordon's photo snapped by Godfather of Bandung scene Indie music, Helvi Syarifuddin, who also guitarist of Teenage Death Star, famous Indie Rock band from Bandung who also the owner of Fast Forward records, the legend record from Bandung which very success with their talent such as Mocca, The Sigit, etc.

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