birthday walk

I recently bought a bunch of old Orwo films from the GDR, expired between the 60ies and late 70ies, found in an attic... for my 41. birthday i thought of using a roll of film which is older than me and tried out the first roll - an Orwo NP 20 expired two years before i was born. This album is documenting my birthday, exhausting the legal possibilities of "corona-rules" in Berlin and Brandenburg, we met on our garden estate on the countryside, trying to keep 2 meters distance all the time to each other. I did not expect much and so i was really surprised to see the results - so much respect for those who made this film! I wish that everything what is produced today, would have the same quality. Hey, all of you: my birthday wish, my corona challenge and lomo request for the next weeks is: write more comments! Not only be nice, but be open and honest! Tell people what agitates you, when you look at their pictures! discribe your associations! And when you share your pictures... tell us about you! Tell us what moves you! Express your experiences with your pictures. Make lomography meaningful again!

Nikon FE
Orwo NP 20 35mm expired 1977
Nikon 50mm f/1.8 Series E
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