Sisters and Brother Diptych, under the bridge.

Speed Graflex Supermatic (x) lens, plus-x expired 1978, id11 10 mins, scans at 1/1000th the original resolution. Yes the photo could be 1000 times larger. MUST be viewed on the largest screen you can muster and even then you'll still need to zoom in to see the straight line on the boat at even close to it's original resolution. f16-f64 1/25 t-1 sec exposures

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  1. charliedontsurf
    charliedontsurf ·

    And then if you're getting bored by all that detail just mess one up for some pulverantic fun. Love it.

  2. agitate-pictures
    agitate-pictures ·

    I just scanned it as a document with a piece of white paper behind. Was really pleased by that too. I'm thinking contact print as you mentioned @charliedontsurf

  3. charliedontsurf
    charliedontsurf ·

    I'd have to contact print as I don't think my scanning method would do the negative justice.

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