Snowy Redscale and a blue darkroom experiment

Seen here is a monument, celebrating 1300 years since the creation of the First Bulgarian Empire.
Unfortunately the monument was left unmaintained for too many years and is now falling apart. Like the rest of the country, of course!

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  1. kibs
    kibs ·

    Great pic, what is that structure?

  2. adash
    adash ·

    @kibs a monument to celebrate 1300 years since the beginning of the First Bulgarian Empire. I have never seen it in its full glory, but people say it was originally way too "modern" and simply ugly. Nobody had been doing maintenance on it for decades, and it started falling apart. Now it's in the process of being demolished. Like the rest of the country, sadly.

  3. sylwester
    sylwester ·

    Interesting results and scenery is striking. Bulgaria may become serious point of interest for future holiday trip.

  4. adash
    adash ·

    @sylwester Drop me a line when you come, if I'm still here, I'll be more than glad to meet you!
    Thanks for the LomoLove, BTW.

  5. sylwester
    sylwester ·

    Ok, see you next week than... naaah just kidding :) It'll take some time to sort it out, but thanks, If I take this direction I let you know.

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