Photographer, Filmmaker, Artist, YouTuber, Troublemaker, Humorist, Iconoclast, Seditionist and other words as well.

1 have a YouTube channel and 1've done a few reviews on some Lomography cameras.

I did a video all about the LOMO LC-A https://youtu.be/BzVShB51TpY

Check out my review 1 did on the Holga https://youtu.be/kvkOJAp8KVo

1n this episode 1 show how to duplicate the look of Lomochrome purple, turquoise and ? in Photoshop https://youtu.be/hCRoskfjBaY

And my episode on pinhole camera day 1n which 1 visit a camera obscua and review the Diana Multi Pinhole Operator https://youtu.be/_LSFTziKJU8

1 also did one on Polaroid cameras https://youtu.be/1vRdIy4HNY8

Check out my video where 1 double exposed some redscale film using two different lomography cameras https://youtu.be/or7LajJL9_Q


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