Schloß Nordkirchen in the Rain on BW

Images taken at Schloß Nordkirchen the secret paradise for Pokémon hunters and the education center for all budding tax inspectors of the state Nordrhein Westfalen. Come and see this place -perhaps not in pouring rain as we did - and you will be rewarded with plenty of Magikarps (Kapadors) and Psyducks (Entons). *gg*

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  1. heikerk
    heikerk ·

    Pffff, wenn ich schon Modell laufe, dann nenn mich auch gefälligst :D

  2. txr53
    txr53 ·


  3. kritsalos
    kritsalos ·

    Very beautiful shot!

  4. gmbernsteing
    gmbernsteing ·

    Beautiful picture. I have Canon Elan 7NE, maybe the same or a close relative of your camera. I am very pleased with the pictures I get with it but I think it is big to carry.

  5. koduckgirl
    koduckgirl ·

    Excellent rainy day shot

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