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Harvest [Summer 2023]

Some more stills from my summer shoot for @harvest_berlin. If I tend to prefer clean images that focus on one dish at a time, @whererosesgrow, the owner of the café, really prefers to set up a big colourful buffet scene. I never really thought I could enjoy taking pictures of food that much. And I actually never thought analogue could compete with the digital world and the crazy amount of post production we normally see when food is advertised. Well, I’m glad that I proved myself wrong and I couldn’t be prouder of how consistent and unique Harvest’s IG page is becoming due to my photography

Die Antwort ist 120

Ein Aufruf an alle Mittelformat-Fans: Eure Zeit ist reif! Zeigt uns, was das Fotografieren mit 120er Film so lohnenswert macht.

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