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Collection of photos taken in the first 10 wks of Lockdown in response to Coronavirus global pandemic. It was a period of great uncertainty to me professionally, but I am very proud of how we dealt with it as family unit. It was also very interesting from the point of view of my photography skills development and exercise of finding good frames where I wouldn't normally be looking, in the dullest and most uninspiring environment of own property. Used Sigma 70-300mm zoom, Nikon 50mm 1.8D lens, and cheap fisheye attachment for wide angle and magnifying part of it for super macro.

Es ist eine weite, weite Welt!

Es ist eine weite Welt da draußen, und wie könnte man all ihre Geschichten und Komplexitäten besser aufnehmen als mit einem Weitwinkel-Bild?

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