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I've been meaning to have a go at this for a while now, 35mm in medium format cameras. The landscape orientated shots with the golf ball like light leaks are from my 1933 rodenstock clarovid and the portrait shots from my 1935 rolleicord. Whats evident to me from these photos is the huge character that these old lenses possess, even with massive light leaks, dodgy exposures and less than perfect focusing. Laughably when shooting the rollei i forgot that my shots would be in portrait, so the frames are missing most of what i composed for! but miraculously I'm still quite happy with a couple of the compositions. If you have any of these old cameras lying around i urge you to have a go at this because its a great fun and not too difficult to load the film if you have a changing bag. Pulverantalists challenge for september guys? @captainfantastic @heliosstardeath @metaluna @sandersoftheriver @stereograph @lomodesbro .

rodenstock clarovid ii
pulverantalists choice no1

LomoMission: Kreative Panoramen

Die Panoramafotografie ist oft reserviert, um weitläufige Landschaften einzufangen. Schließlich kann man mehr Details und Ansichten einfangen als mit dem herkömmlichen Format. Für diese LomoMission fordern wir Dich heraus, kreativ zu werden und die große Welt der Panoramas zu erforschen, die mehr zu bieten hat als Du denkst.

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