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Cute girl 💖👸 traped at the tribe war 😂 & very late thanks to Lomography New York 🙏🙇

I got an e-mail from the girl at Lomography New York (very sorry I have deleted all of my old e-mail so I forgot your name 🙏) she told me that my splitzer pizza's photo www.lomography.de/photos/16419143 was chosen as one of the runner up of Lomography New York rumble which I couldn't found the rumble anymore since lomography deleted almost all of the old article. So I forgot what rumble is it but I just wanna say THANK YOU VERY MUCH LOMOGRAPHY NEW YORK for 4 pack of precious film and one of it are this lovely Lomography color negative ISO 800 film (120) (fresh) 🙇

Urban Explorers: Street Photography Awards 2019

Die offene Runde für die Kategorie ,,Urban Explorers” hat begonnen! Reicht Eure besten Sport- und Actionfotos ein.

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