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Bandung Air Show ✈ and very late thanks to Lomography New York 🙏🙇

I got an e-mail from the girl at Lomography New York (very sorry I have deleted all of my old e-mail so I forgot your name 🙏) she told me that my splitzer pizza's photo www.lomography.de/photos/16419143 was chosen as one of the runner up of Lomography New York rumble which I couldn't found the rumble anymore since lomography deleted almost all of the old article. So I forgot what rumble is it but I just wanna say THANK YOU VERY MUCH LOMOGRAPHY NEW YORK for 4 pack of precious film and one of it are this lovely Lomography Lady Grey b/w (black and white) ISO 400 film (120) (fresh) 🙇 --- The photo was taken at Bandung Air Show couple years ago. One year later I found the fact that one of the parachuter show man are my college mate which we actually were never talked back then in college era due to my very shy boring and calm attitude 😝 but I have join the journalistic club camp with him and as the member of photography club his photo are also good but lack of journalistic side. He also active at the adventure club no wonder he can be a parachuter. Lot of my college mate are become a great figure, beside the parachuter there is also a professional skateboarder and additional bassist of one of the biggest band in Indonesia. Only me the most loser from my university 😂 Then couple month later I knew the fact that the leader of the Husein Sastranegara airfield are my dad's nephew in-law 😂 I'm a loser that surrounded by the great figure

Urban Explorers: Street Photography Awards 2019

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