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Since he who can do more can do less [...] This little credo is also true in photography. A few years ago, leaving for a long road trip to Madagascar, I decided to try the Lomography. To make it short, it's small analog cameras made entirely of plastic and without batteries ... Where everything is manual and ... Random. So, for a few euros, I stuffed my backpack with this "toy" (Diana buy on internet. At Monrondave, on the west coast of the big island, I found it back. Another advantage was to try the medium format for a low budget. There is no more basic for its use: no memory card to empty, by battery to recharge ... And that is essential when we wander on unlisted tracks or canoe on a river. He was a faithful traveling companion and he surprise the locals ... whos already photographed with their mobile phone. Anyway, here ... It's not worth it to have camera over-boosted with pixels or to have done a school of photography... And, the space of some shots, you can take yourself for Robert Capa. Let go, shoot, leave your tripod in the locker room, and you will be surprised and pleasantly surprised by the result. Certainly, we are far from the result of a Hasseblad, but, all the small defects will give your photos a flavour of yesterday and, you could almost imagine seeing Ernest Hemingway in the background ... And yet, these photos are less old than your last mobile.


Breaking Boundaries: Lomography X This Human World: Kultur und Sinne

Fotografien entführen uns an Orte die wir uns sonst nur ausmalen können. Lass uns durch deine Bilder an deinen Abenteuern und Momenten teilhaben!

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