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I went with some friends to Seoul during the Winter, which was an interesting experience, since I was living in a tropical country where it's almost always summer all year round, and this was my first time experiencing winter.

As a traveler, I'm really drawn more to unusual places rather than tourist spots, not saying I don't visit them at all, but I like to leave space in my itinerary for something out of the ordinary. I also have a penchant for reading creepy stories, and so what I was most excited about was not visiting Seoul's best-known tourist destinations or even its glorious street food, but something off the beaten path -- an abandoned theme park. Ever since I saw some photos a Lomographer took using the Lomochrome Purple in a theme park, it has been my goal to try it. Lomochrome Purple is perfect in giving a sort of a post Apocalyptic feel. I don't know if I was able to achieve it, but I love the results anyway!

At first, I didn't find the vibe of the theme park creepy at all, maybe this was because I was with some friends and there were already people there. The vibe changed a bit after sunset, and the upper floor was definitely creepy, because there were no people when I went up, and it was just a dump of unused things. This was definitely the mood I wanted.

What seemed even more creepy, was when I took one image, I knew I still had more shots, but my roll suddenly rewinded. I was really worried about my roll is blank but it's a good thing these photos came out! If you want to visit Yongma Land, I recommend including the second floor as there are a lot of gems in there that are really interesting to photograph.

Versuch und Irrtum: Color Spectrum

Vergiss deine Ihre Standard-Farbnegativ- oder Schwarz-Weiß-Filme. Verlass' deine Komfortzone und probier' zur Abwechslung mal eine experimentelle Filmrolle!

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