Einreichung von crosschannel

Recently, a fox went to the Maltese Islands. Thankfully, the weather was good and he was able to take a couple of pictures. He enjoyed the sea, the colourful vegetation this time of the year and he even picked oranges and lemons himself. Of course, being a fox made him interested in other animals, particulary birds. Do not shoot any ducks - but clearly not with a gun. The camera did not count - great relief. He kept himself informed, read the local paper and at one occasion even met the Prime Minister. Then he took a picture of his car. One day he went to the beach and had to hold his breath - there were some girls taking pictures of each other and they were so close to the cliff edge, that the fox was thinking "Please don't go "(any more steps backwards). Using the buses to go around turned out to be convenient enough, so no need for a hired car.When he flu back, he looked a bit sad - one last glance from the aircraft window. He would have loved to fly with the Retro Jet of Air Malta, but his was one with the modern colours of the little aircrafts who return every evening to Malta.One thing is sure: It was not his last visit. Now he has to make a confession: These pictures are nasty digital ones - when he went to the lab today he learnt that the girl who develops his fils, had a day off today but will return tomorrow. Then he will post some decent analog pictures ;-) Anyway, perhaps some of you out there will look at the current ones too.

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