Shot during an excursion along Route 66 east of Tulsa, Oklahoma with @alienmeatsack. Lomography Sprocket Rocket and Fuji Superia Extra 400 film.

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  1. emperornorton
    emperornorton ·

    OK, how did you manage to blur the shot?

  2. forceusr
    forceusr ·

    That train was doing about 70 mph when I took the shot. There were a few shots on this roll where I accidentally had it sent to bulb, so it could've been that too.

  3. wil6ka
    wil6ka ·

    oh wow!

  4. forceusr
    forceusr ·

    @wil6ka Thanks! I love this shot.

  5. alienmeatsack
    alienmeatsack ·

    I just saw this, very cool shot! Love the blur!

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