Rapefield in front of a typical thatch house

I borrowed this Rolleiflex from a friend owning a second hand and vintage shop. He wanted me to proof the full function of this beautifull camera. Although I was a bit uninspired on my mission the results are excellent in the technical sight. Shame my wallet isn't thick enough to effort the camera

Rapefiel architecture blooming
Kodak Ektar 100 (im Online-Shop erhältlich)
Rolleiflex Vol. 1

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    I would like a Rolleiflex as well, I have the Yashica TLRs and find them to be very nice as well.

  4. streuobst
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    @lostinthought68 I tell you buddy, I've got the Yashicamat 124G and its not as good as the Rolleiflex. But if you compare the prices 150,00 Euros to 400,00 Euros the Rollei won't be 2,5 times better then the Yashica. So as long as the Rollei comes to me by surprise it'll be a dream for ever. BTW thanks for all your likes and the comments.

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    @streuobst True, but some of want a Lamborghini but we have to settle for a Honda instead! :)

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