Sei nett, spame nicht & hab Spaß
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  5. adi_totp
  6. lomaugustry
    lomaugustry · · Reply

    It's strange how you can win hotd and not know it I wish they would send you a link or something

  7. fragakis_p
    fragakis_p · · Reply

    @lomodesbro thank you!!!

  8. fragakis_p
    fragakis_p · · Reply

    @dr_dorokhov thank you :)

  9. sirio174
    sirio174 · · Reply

    From my NEW album (Old Subbuteo)…

  10. lomodesbro
    lomodesbro · · Reply

    @lizkoppert the waterfront is a great place for a Lomowalk on a good day. Very crowded at weekends. Your Zenit E s a good performer. Put it to work

  11. argentic-translation
    argentic-translation · · Reply

    1988 expired film in ilfosol 3, amazing results =D

  12. neja
    neja · · Reply…
    new doubles from San Fran

  13. _baunovart_
  14. _baunovart_
  15. seymaeminetamer
  16. _baunovart_
  17. argentic-translation
  18. crosschannel
    crosschannel · · Reply

    @ all who liked my recent pictures and whom I might haved missed in personal reply - a BIG Thank You ;-)

  19. dr_dorokhov
    dr_dorokhov · · Reply

    @FRAGAKIS_P, @OSCARMORONI, @SHIMURA, @BRAVOPIRES, @CROSSCHANNEL, @IBLISSSS, @SHAWNLIN, @CHUCKWADE87 - Many thanks for all your likes and comments! :-)

  20. dr_dorokhov
    dr_dorokhov · · Reply

    @ZII, @MARCOSNAVA, @HANNAH_BROWN, @STEAMTUG1959, @STEAMTUG1959, @AMAIAHODGE, @PASHBAR, @BLUELIZARD - Many thanks for all your likes and comments! :-)

  21. jkhounlivong
    jkhounlivong · · Reply

    @rqlevy: thank you so much for visiting my Lomohome and liking so many photos!!!…

  22. jkhounlivong
  23. jkhounlivong
    jkhounlivong · · Reply

    @loewon: thanks for visiting and liking my lomohome!!!…

  24. jkhounlivong
  25. jkhounlivong
  26. tuomo
    tuomo · · Reply

    I got a new toy, lomo Supersampler!!! XD

  27. wil6ka
  28. wil6ka
    wil6ka · · Reply

    Heroes (Chernobyl #25)…

  29. montagu
    montagu · · Reply

    if interested please write me, i'm happy to do anything, first exposures, 2nd exposures, format mix or whatever, lol

  30. montagu
    montagu · · Reply

    Anyone up for a filmswap? never done it, i'm on the road in Sevilla in April during the 'Semana Santa' and want to do smth funky

  31. vicuna
  32. vicuna
    vicuna · · Reply

    Fuji GF670W & Rollei RPX at the sea...…

  33. neja
  34. montagu
    montagu · · Reply

    i'm addicted to asian girls and neon lights, and film photography of course, a good combo... :)

  35. soft-focus
    soft-focus · · Reply

    @lomodesbro have a great week! :)

  36. adi_totp
  37. adi_totp
  38. adi_totp
  39. adi_totp
  40. lizkoppert
    lizkoppert · · Reply

    Yes@lomodesbro, I agree. When @sirio174 mentioned his experience with them, I thought "booya!"... Thanks very muchly, @Sirio174!

  41. lizkoppert
    lizkoppert · · Reply

    @Cmart. I noticed that with the Zenits! Think I might be sticking with the Zenit E that I got (and needs a jolly good clean out)

  42. lizkoppert
    lizkoppert · · Reply

    @lomodesbro. Seems to be pretty muggy here too, at the mo. Would love to be in and around Oriental bay/Lambton Qway shooting film right about now.

  43. lizkoppert
    lizkoppert · · Reply

    @Raab_ar-baar, didn't even know they went up to 10 & 11! I'm kinda partial to the Leica II design, but will have to google the Zorki 10 & 11 to see what they look like. That's piqued my interest :)

  44. hervinsyah
  45. hervinsyah
  46. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah · · Reply

    good morning

  47. cmart
    cmart · · Reply

    @lizkoppert i bought both of my Fed 5b's on Ebay, they use to sell refurbished Fed 5b's on, but they were always out of stock.

  48. alienmeatsack
    alienmeatsack · · Reply

    Oh how I love the Quince bush in bloom, its beautiful pink flowers brighten my yard.

  49. lomodesbro
    lomodesbro · · Reply

    Thanks heaps @noasuke @rfms-ruegen @frenchyfyl @polka @bigciyal @katzendrossel @merry @josa @ancalu @microchip @oleman @poketree @thobie @roundmidnight @powoui @kcb7_11 amaiahodge Jakke Cheers

  50. lomodesbro
    lomodesbro · · Reply

    G'day @argentic_translation @torild @dr_dorokhov @riko41 @mjanekerr @rewd @sirio174 @xsara @montgemo @johbeil @brine @duque @oscarmoroni @bkspicture @retyroguy53 @wool_x @wildholzkamera @thefuturist

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