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  2. docdoc
  3. davidobryan
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  4. davidobryan
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    My son spreading my mom's ashes in the flowers. I ike to think the yellow glow is her spirit.…

  5. selinozturkk
  6. davidobryan
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    One of my weird Holga pics.…

  7. davidobryan
  8. davidobryan
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    Well just got my first roll back for Holgaweek and there seems to be something wrong with my Holga.…

  9. ralphred1965
  10. yagmurtoprakk
  11. sedaakay
  12. fartstorm
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    Sprocket Rocket goes to the races.

  13. ilcontrariodime
  14. argentic-translation
  15. sedaakay
  16. -dakota-
  17. davidobryan
    davidobryan · · Reply

    Anyone else participating in Holga week this year?

  18. -dakota-
  19. -dakota-
    -dakota- · · Reply

    New album with some old and unpublished pics…

  20. crismiranda
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    the opportunity to enter at least 5 of our best shots to each country. Don't you think? To sum up all the beauty one have seen around the globe is quite impossible and not fair.

  21. crismiranda
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    About The lomowall competition: it only alllows you to enter 10 shots for all the countries? Come one, guys. Besides, it's not very clear for those who are not English native speakers. We should have

  22. crismiranda
    crismiranda · · Reply

    I've been disappointed with @lomography lately. I can buy anything because I live in Brazil. We don't have access to the shop. :( The Brazilian Community is almost dead and forgotten...

  23. vicuna
  24. vicuna
    vicuna · · Reply

    Still have some photos from Crete to upload.... here's the latest "Cretan moods" album…

  25. sirio174
    sirio174 · · Reply

    My long-term project update, now 412 photos

  26. raab_ar-baar
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    @fmonteiro, @santtu98, @allanbendiksen, @synthesaur - thanks a lot!

  27. soft-focus
    soft-focus · · Reply

    Thank you @hansu @lomopolar @troch

  28. aleyna
  29. lizkoppert
    lizkoppert · · Reply

    @lomodesbro, cheers. Sometimes I can come up with a goodie ;)

  30. alexi56
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    Thanks for the likes happy lomo people: @SANTTU98, @ANGUSINSHETLAND, @OSCARMORONI, @THOBIE, @PETERPAN61, @LOEWON

  31. hervinsyah
  32. hervinsyah
  33. hervinsyah
  34. montagu
    montagu · · Reply my start into proper landscape photography, first outdoor large format photo, hiking in Switzerland last week:)

  35. ralphred1965
  36. lomodesbro
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    Kia ora @friddin88 @oscarmoroni @elvaoskal @007_0815_styler @efedaccmd1 jazzrtrio2014 @meliahlo @zcnb @pietroferrari @righthandside @hjulinhalmur @wildholzkamera let the good times roll

  37. lomodesbro
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    @lizkoppert Very clever Liz , not just a pretty face!

  38. ralphred1965
  39. ralphred1965
    ralphred1965 · · Reply

    I have added some more piccies to my Battle of Britain Air Display folder, all processed by my own fair hand, see them here at

  40. crismiranda
    crismiranda · · Reply

    @serra8 @bloomchen :( that's bad...

  41. nosheterotopies
    nosheterotopies · · Reply

    just went to the @LomographyNYstore and got my new pics! They are uploaded here:…

  42. nosheterotopies
    nosheterotopies · · Reply

    crazy with my new fisheye lens! :)

  43. candeeland
    candeeland · · Reply

    Hello summer, hello Berlin! <3

  44. horriblefestuz
    horriblefestuz · · Reply

    Would anyone be willing to trade me some TriX for some color film? I have (4) Kodak Gold 200 expired, (5) Portra 160 120 and (5) Portra 400 120. Hit me up if you want to trade!

  45. bloomchen
    bloomchen · · Reply

    To the ITALIAN Community: I will be in the Gargano region in a few weeks. Do you have any recommondations apart from coast an villages for good photo opportunities or something I should not miss?

  46. disdis
  47. esmanur
    esmanur · · Reply

    My photos w/ handmade colour filter

  48. esmanur
  49. serra8
    serra8 · · Reply

    @crismiranda yess same!

  50. bloomchen
    bloomchen · · Reply

    @crismiranda Yep, not working here.

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