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Aizhan for look.tm

Aizhan for look.tm

I was stranded in Kasakhstan with plenty of time on my hand. But suddenly I bumped into the charming Aizhan Bekmukhamedova, who is running the fashion web-portal http://look.tm/ in Almaty. I asked her, if she would help me to organize a local fashion-shooting and within hours she came up with a handful of great models. This will be the second album of this series.

wil6ka Dieses Bild wurde analog auf Film aufgenommen. Lomograph: wil6ka
Kamera: Lomo Lubitel 2
Film: Agfa 160 XPS
Ort: Almaty
Tags: lubitel, medium, format, fashion, kasachstan, almaty, shooting, aizhan, look.tm, soviet, union, beauty, summer, trees und shadow
Date: 2012-07-04
Time: Afternoon
gefunden im Album: aizhan #two

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