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Try out the Motorizer | sidewalk

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Try out the Motorizer | sidewalk

The Motorizer makes fun! Now you can make totaly other thinks with your Spinner. I love it. But I have a question: Why are the pictures so streaky? Because I've only taken four and not eight batteries? | Home developed and expired x-pro film.

ck_berlin Dieses Bild wurde analog auf Film aufgenommen. Lomograph: ck_berlin
Kamera: Lomography Spinner 360 (erhältlich in unserem Online Shop)
Film: Kodak EPL 400X
Ort: Berlin
Tags: motorizer, indoor, 360, indoor panoramic, stripy, test, funny, panoramic, panorama, expired, x-pro, xpro, cross, home developed, berlin, christian kretke und remote spin
Date: 2012-08
gefunden im Album: Spinner 360 | Kodak EPL 400X | Motorizer

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