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1/F, 612 Reclamation Street, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong
E-Mail: admin@outputprolab.com
Webseite: http://www.outputprolab.com/
Telefon: +852 23804077

  • Entwickelt 35mm Filme
  • Entwickelt 120 (Mittelformat) Filme
  • Entwickelt Filme im C41 Prozess

Output Pro Lab - a family based C-41 only lab. Unexpectedly low priced but provides high quality in developing and scanning services.

A unique quirk about entering this lab is, you have to press the right bell at the ground floor, then wait for the little “Pink Ball” which contains a key, than use the key to open the gate and go upstairs. For most of the film developing services, they can complete it within 2 hours. You can choose to take a rest there, or walk around Prince Edward and wait for your lomographs.

Analogue Services Provided:
Film Developing: C41 ONLY (accepts E2C Cross Processing Service)
(has no D76 nor E6 process service)
Scanning: any type of 135/120 Film/Slide Scanning Service (max size of each 135 file: 2 frames length).
(Supports Horizon or mounted Sprocket Rocket, but can’t support sprocket holes scanning)
Printout: any type of file size and ratio
(Many photographers like to print large-sized photos there, you’re welcome to take the digital file of Spinner 360 or Long Panorama there, and print extra large sized photos!)

Types of Photo Paper:
Kodak GOLD Photo Paper
Kodak Matt Photo Paper
Kodak Metallic Photo Paper

Besides Film Development, Scanning and Printout, they also have Kodak films for sale here too.

3 Kommentare

  1. yogahk


    hi:) diana mini: 1 roll negative-> C41+CD =$? What is the pixel for scanning to CD? Thanks a lot ;)
    vor mehr als 3 Jahre · Spam melden
  2. cwyeung


    @yogahk google there site and ask them~

    vor mehr als 3 Jahre · Spam melden
  3. cwyeung


    They provide 1 Hour Automatic Black and White Film Processing now.

    vor mehr als 2 Jahre · Spam melden

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