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  • Tip of Borneo

    Tip of Borneo
    (Please note, this article is in another language)
    At the northern tip of Borneo, you see the South China Sea laying wide in front of you, horizontally. Uh-oh, not so horizontal actually. I actually saw it bended with the perfect angle from the west end to the east end, and it was the first time there's such a strong feeling telling me that I'm actually living, right now standing on a globe.
  • Expedition to Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia

    Expedition to Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia
    (Please note, this article is in another language)
    A group of 8 friends who have been looking forward to climb Mount Kinabalu, finally made their dream a reality on the 20th of June 2011. The highest mountain in Malaysia, Mount Kinabalu is really a great challenge and experience for all of us.
  • Ponta do Bornéu

    Ponta do Bornéu
    (Please note, this article is in another language)
    Na ponta norte do Bornéu, você vê o grandioso Mar do Sul da China ao horizonte. Uh-oh, não tão horizontal, na verdade. Eu na realidade vi-o dobrado com o ângulo perfeito desde a extremidade oeste à extremidade este! Tive uma sensação intensa de estar realmente vivendo sobre um globo.

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