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  • Das Dorf Alanta

    Das Dorf Alanta
    Alanta ist ein altes und sehr schönes Dorf im Osten von Litauen. Dieses Dorf ist auf hohen Bergen zu finden, deswegen ist der Weg dorthin sehr aufregend. Das Dorf ist größer als ein Litauer Durchschnittsdorf. Dort gibt es eine Menge alter Gebäude, die vor hunderten von Jahren erbaut wurden.
  • The Curonian Spit in Lithuania

    The Curonian Spit in Lithuania
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    Curonian Spit is a 98 km long, very thin avalange 600m, curved sand-dune spit that separates the Curonian Lagoon from the Baltic Sea.
  • Taurage

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    This is Taurage, this is the place where I was born and where I finished the school. This is the town where I grew up and kissed a girl for the first time :). So as you understand this is my hometown. Recently this little town in the west of Lithuania celebrated 500th birthday. If you will ever come to Taurage please tell me, cause I can show you such fantastic, romantic or crazy places that you will remember for the whole life.
  • Zemaitijos National Park

    Zemaitijos National Park
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    After sometime everyone of us discovers something very unbelievably interesting even there, where you think you know everything. This is what happened to me, when I planned to visit Zemaitijos National Park in the north part of Lithuania. Zemaitija is one of the lands (Lithuania is divided to 4 main zones), so it is very simple to name a national park with it's land's name, right? What can you expect there? First of all, a very beautiful lake, which is not so deep near the shore, I mean you can walk hundred of meters while you reach the 1.5 m depth zone.
  • Tractors

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    Alright, let's start! You fancy those sporty cars like Ferrari or Lamborghini? Forget them... You like retro style Jaguars or even Mustangs? Forget them too... Because now we are going to get where it all started - to our motherland NATURE! Yes, it's right, Nature is our second mother, so the best way to find the link with it is in the traditional exhibition of Agriculture and Forestry "What You Sow... 200X" (X depends on the year of the exhibition).
  • The Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Monastery

    The Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Monastery
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    Yes, of course - you will be asking why the hell did I shoot those nice flowers instead of the Church and monastery... You would be right, but I will tell you something, that will be useful if you will go there. Do not go there late in the evenings, cause the monks close the doors of the monastery, so you have to go round it and take the pictures only of the buildings. But, that's not bad, as I did find one of the back doors open, and while nobody did see me, I did one last shot for my film (damn, I could have taken more films...). So you can check the inside of it.
  • Museum of Rare Stones

    Museum of Rare Stones
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    Stones are cold and often not so interesting, but one man, named Vaclovas Intas, did get the feeling, that stones have a lot more to tell us than our drunk partners in local pubs on Friday nights. That's why he did collect stones from all over the world into one place in Lithuania's north side, the town, called Mosedis.
  • Hitchhikingrs' Heaven

    Hitchhikingrs' Heaven
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    If you are a hitchhiker - read further. If you're not, so this place won't be interesting for you at all. Four roads, from Kaunas, Palanga, Silale and Klaipeda cross each other here, and I call this place a hitchhikers heaven because as many times as I have hitchhiked here I haven't waited for a car to stop for more than 10 minutes. In Lithuania there are two biggest main roads and these are ViaBaltica and Vilnius - Klaipeda.
  • Lavysas Lake

    Lavysas Lake
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    This is my favorite and number one lake in Lithuania. All you need is a tent and sleeping bag. Don't forget to take some friends with you too. Then you can stay anywhere you want, the land next to the lake doesn't belong to anybody. Don't be afraid to go here with little children - lake is shoal.
  • Flea Market in Dituva village

    Flea Market in Dituva village
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    Only 20km from Klaipeda the west city of Lithuania there is a small village Dituva, which has one of the biggest Saturday flea market in the area. The market is located in the fields near the gardens of Dituva. It's seems that local people doesn't grow food on the fields, but use the field for selling second hand stuff. At the first glance you can't see the end of it, it should be about 1 square km.
  • Easter - Egg races

    Easter - Egg races
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    If you're in Lithuania and it's Easter time, you have to get yourself into one of the best Easter traditions in the whole world. First of all, you have to prepare for the egg races! Find yourself the standard package of eggs in the supermarket, and paint them. Here is the big thing, believe me or not, because the "tuning" of your egg can be the critical factor in the races.
  • Klaipeda

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    Klaipeda is the third largest city of Lithuania. It is situated in the Western part of the Lithuania. It is an ice-free port with favorable geographical position on the coast of the Baltic Sea and Kursiu Lagoon, within close distance to other Baltic Sea ports like Kaliningrad (in Russia) and Riga (in Latvia).
  • Burbiskiai Estate

    Burbiskiai Estate
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    This place fell into my mind when I was little - my grandmother told me her youth story about, how did she go to that times (around 1940-ties) discos. Yes, of course - no DJs, no house or RnB remixes - just simple plain countryside's music festival every weekend. People were gathering there from all of the region - my grandmother herself had to walk about 9 km to this place and then come back home (no taxis, mind that!). So when I grew up, I did finally go there. It's in the north part of Lithuania, just between to big cities Siauliai and Panevezys. The small town Radviliskis is the nearest to this place, so if you go the main road towards Panevezys you will find a brown sign with "Burbiskio Dvaro sodyba" ("Burbiskiai Estate Gardens").
  • Villa Auska

    Villa Auska
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    The Villa *AUSKA*, I would like to present you, was build in late 60s for Leonid Brezhnev - General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (1964 - 1982), but he never stayed there. It is a beautiful and authentic place in the forest near the seaside in the city of Palanga.
  • Alanga Hotel

    Alanga Hotel
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    Searching for a trip next spring? Wanna see the real Sea and smell the real vacation-time-smell? Then you must at least give a chance to the most popular Lithuanian resort near the sea, called the Palanga town. It has a lot to offer, not only in the summertime, when the streets are full of street artists and lots of attractions, but also at any time of the year. And if you need a really peaceful accommodation place, then you just have to choose this hotel - Alanga. Yes, you're completely right, if you did get the idea of the hotel's name: Alanga is in Palanga and it has only the first letter missing. And it's also the name of the river, near which the hotel is situated.
  • Rusnė Island

    Rusnė Island
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    Halo and welcome to Lithuania, the place where you can still find beautiful nature without the "private territory" sign near it (do not know for how long...). This time I am glad to represent the biggest island of Lithuania, which is situated in the mainland. It is not the island which you can find on the map so easily, as it is not in the ocean or even in the sea.
  • Alanta Manor House (Naujasodis)

    Alanta Manor House (Naujasodis)
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    Alanta manor house is located only couple of kilometers from Alanta village in the other small village Naujasodis. The road says that you are arriving to the manor house. You will cross small bridge and the beautiful birch avenue. It is impossible to pass this manor house located in the end of the avenue. Alanta manor house buildings are in neoclassicism style. There are main building and some belonging buildings.
  • Alanta Village

    Alanta Village
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    Alanta is old and very beautiful village in the eastern Lithuania. This village is located on the high hills so the trip to this village is very exiting. Village is bigger then the average village in Lithuania. There a lot of old buildings which was build few hundreds years ago.
  • Ventė's Horn

    Ventė's Horn
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    A Castle that destroy by the sea.
  • Hill of Crosses

    Hill of Crosses
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    Welcome to mysterious hill of crosses! The sacred, religious and touristy place, consists not only crosses, but giant crucifixes, carvings of Lithuanian patriots, statues of the Virgin Mary and thousands of tiny effigies and rosaries which have been brought here by Catholic pilgrims. The old story tells the first crosses were built in 1831 by people who lost their relatives in fight with the Russian Czar government, later with USSR. The Hill of Crosses was used as a place for Lithuanians to pray for peace, for their country, and for the loved ones they had lost.

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