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  • The Docks (Galway)

    The Docks (Galway)
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    The Spanish Parade (more commonly and mistakenly referred to as simply "the Arch") is a haven for tourists, wastrels and those looking for a convenient and picturesque place to get drunk in the warm(ish) Galway Summer months. Go through the Spanish Arch (built in 1584 to keep out the mad Spanish Armada) and walk down the Long Walk past quaintly multicoloured houses facing the swan hangout of the Claddagh Basin across the bay.
  • Los Muelles (Galway)

    Los Muelles (Galway)
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    La Parada Española (comúnmente e incorrectamente conocida como "el Arco") es un refugio para turistas, gastadores y para esos que buscan un conveniente lugar fotográfico para embriagarse en los meses un tanto calurosos de verano en Galway.