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  • St. Louis #1 (New Orleans)

    St. Louis #1 (New Orleans)
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    This is an old time, 1780s, cemetery in New Orleans LA USA. This lived through Katrina with only a bit of flooding. All the crypts are above ground because the city is below sea level. This is by the French quarter but is also near some real sketchy areas so don't just go there without a posse with you, mental patients and street people will rob you hardcore.
  • Georgia Guide Stones

    Georgia Guide Stones
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    A strange and mysterious place, surrounded by evil forces, sits upon a high hilltop in eastern Georgia, USA. What is this place? Some call it America's Stonehenge. Some call it the work of the devil. People came from far and wide to receive psychic messages from it. The locals ignore it. It is, The Georgia Guide Stones.