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  • Die Karpaten

    Die Karpaten
    Komm mit mir zurück ins 18 Jahrhundert mit der Dovbush Gruppe und kämpfe für die Freiheit des geliebten Mutterlands, Hutzulshchyna. Abseits von seiner bedeutenden Geschichte sind die Karpaten unglaublich schön und eine interessante Gegend zum Wandern und Fotografieren.
  • City of Chernivtsi

    City of  Chernivtsi
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    Today the spirit of ancient Chernivtsi, a forgotten European city or “small Vienna” as it is called , is being revived. Chernivtsi is quite a find. The city is situated in the south western part of Ukraine along both banks of the river Prut.
  • Carpathian Mountains

    Carpathian Mountains
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    Let me take you back to the eighteenth century with the Dovbush group and the fight for freedom of the beloved motherland, Hutzulshchyna. Aside from its rich history, the Carpathian Mountains is also a great beauty and an interesting site to go hiking and take photos.
  • Prut River

    Prut River
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    Remember my last location, the Carpathian Mountains? Well this time around, I asked the old woman to tell me the story of a boy named Prut, whose heartbreaking tale made him quite known in this region prompting the locals to name this river after him.
  • Olha Kobylianska Street

    Olha Kobylianska Street
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    Olha Kobylianska Street is not just a popular place for people who enjoy leisurely walks. While one can truly enjoy a pleasant stroll in this area, there are all sorts of interesting activities that can be enjoyed here too such as dining out, shopping, and immersing in the local culture.
  • The Cheremosh River

    The Cheremosh River
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    It´s hard to find another river on the territory of the former USSR that would be so popular and well-loved among tourists in spite of also being quite small. The Cheremosh River is a natural wonder that also makes for an interesting subject for taking pictures on a sunny day.
  • Río Prut

    Río Prut
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    Recordáis mi última localización, las montañas de los Cárpatos? Bueno en esta ocasión, le pregunté a la mujer mayor que me contara la historia de un chico llamado Prut, cuyo desgarrador cuento le hizo muy conocido en esta región llevando a los ciudadanos de este lugar a poner su nombre a este río.
  • Chernivtsi University

    Chernivtsi University
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    The real gem of the old city of Chernivtsi is a work of the famous Czech architect Josef Hlávka, a former residence of the metropolitan region of Bukovina. Today it is the National University of Chernivtsi.
  • O Rio Cheremosh

    O Rio Cheremosh
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    É difícil encontrar outro rio, no território da ex-URSS, tão popular e bem-amado entre os turistas, apesar de ser muito pequeno. O Rio Cheremosh é uma maravilha natural que também contribui para tirar fotos em um dia ensolarado.