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  • Der Buchladen Datta in Lyon

    Der Buchladen Datta in Lyon
    Komm vorbei und entdecke diesen schönen Kpnzept-Laden in Lyon, Frankreich! Zur Hälfte Kunstgallerie, zur anderen Hälfte Verkaufsladen. Dort findest du Kunstbücher und Magazine, Schmuck, Kleinigkeiten, Papierware sowie deine liebsten Lomography Kameras!
  • Lyon City Walk

    Lyon City Walk
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    Lyon is a beautiful city in France. The first time I went there I was really charmed by the mood and the characteristics of the city and now, every time I go back there, I'll see always a lot of new things.
  • Librairie DATTA- Lyon

    Librairie DATTA- Lyon
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    Venez découvrir ce merveilleux concept store lyonnais ! Moitié espace d’exposition, moitié librairie, vous y trouverez des livres d’art et magazines, des bijoux de créateurs, goodies et papeterie, et vos appareils photos Lomography !
  • La Dombes

    La Dombes
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    The natural park of the La Dombes is a huge area north from the city of Lyon. The natural park of 23 ha, offers you lot of lakes, forests, little villages and fantastic landscapes to explore on foot, by bike or whatever else... It's well known for its very rich fauna & flora reserve, and if you like birds, you have got there a lot of different species to discover.
  • Librería DATTA, Lyon

    Librería DATTA, Lyon
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    ¡No os podéis perder esta maravillosa concept store en Lyon! Mitad galería, mitad librería, podréis encontrar multitud de cosas: desde libros de arte y revistas hasta joyas de diseño, pasando por artículos de papelería y, cómo no, ¡cámaras Lomography!
  • Pérouges

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    Pérouges, near of Lyon is a beautiful little medieval village located in the natural park of La Dombes (see other location). It's among the most beautiful villages of France as it is truly very well preserved with the old houses and narrow streets. It's a very nice and romantic place where you must absolutely stop if you're in this area.
  • Lyon Opera House

    Lyon Opera House
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    The Opera House in Lyon is really a great architectural building from the end of the 20th century. The original opera house was built 1831 in a very classical style, but as time went by the building was in a bad state at the end of the 1980's and needed to be rebuilt. The famous French architect Jean Nouvel proposed a very revolutionary construction of the Opera house within the old walls of the building, to conserve the historical heritage of the place. The inside of the Opera was totally rebuilt, and the most important work was around the rooftop of the building: the old classical glass & iron construction of the 19th century couldn't be restored, and there was Jean Nouvel's most spectacular idea: a brand new rooftop, still constructed with darkened glass for the light but with an ultra modern design of an half-circle over the old walls! The project provoked a very big debate among the citizens of Lyon (like every revolutionary construction...), some of them adored this new roof, other hated it and said it was a scandal to make of the opera house such an ugly building.... Finally the project was accepted and was inaugurated 1993.
  • Vieux Lyon

    Vieux Lyon
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    Vieux Lyon was named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1998. The Vieux Lyon quarter spreads across the Fourvière hillside and is organized around three religious monuments: Saint Jean cathedral, the splendid medieval church of Saint Paul and the Saint George's church. The Vieux Lyon quarter covers 30 ha (74 acres), including 500 buildings dating back to the middle ages, 3000 housing units and 7000 residents.
  • Basilique Notre-Dame-de-Fourvière

    Basilique Notre-Dame-de-Fourvière
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    First, don’t be afraid by different names: “Basilique Notre-Dame de Fourvière” “Fourvière Basilica” “Notre-Dame Basilica” “Basilica of Our Lady of Fourvière”: This is the same austere building. But, like the Christ in Rio or the Tibidabo in Barcelona it’s the perfect place for an incredible panoramic view of the city.
  • Les Théâtres Romains (Lyon)

    Les Théâtres Romains (Lyon)
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    Lyon was called Lugdunum and was the capital of Gaul (former France). The 2000 years old building left by the Romans is the memory of the city.
  • Datta Bookstore - Lyon

    Datta Bookstore - Lyon
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    Come and discover this lovely concept store from Lyon in France! Half is an art gallery, half is a book store. You will find there art books and magazines, jewelry, goodies, paper products, as well as wonderful Lomography cameras!
  • Parc de la tête d’Or (Lyon)

    Parc de la tête d’Or (Lyon)
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    The Tête d’Or park is a place where many people go to run for loose weight and finally sleep on the grass. But it’s the perfect place for a birthday party with friends, or a romantic walk!
  • La boutique DATTA in Lyon

    La boutique DATTA in Lyon
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    Come and discover this amazing concept store in Lyon! In this half showroom, half bookshop, you'll find art books and magazines, designer jewellery, stationary and goodies, and your favourite Lomography cameras!

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