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  • Welcoming Tbilisi

    Welcoming Tbilisi
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    Once you see this city, you're sure to fall in love with it! Once you meet local people, you will definitely fall in love with them too. Once you taste the local cuisine... oh boy! Be careful as you might decide not want to leave Tbilisi ever!
  • Прекрасный Тбилиси

    Прекрасный Тбилиси
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    Это город, в который влюбляешься с первого взгляда! В нем живут люди, которых вы полюбите всем сердцем. А когда дело дойдет до застолья, возможно вы решите остаться в Тбилиси навсегда!
  • Hamam in Tbilisi

    Hamam in Tbilisi
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    A Hamam is a Turkish bath, richly decorated, very hot and mostly in private chambers. But you will find them not only in Turkey, but even sparely in Europe or on the trail of the former osmanic empire.
  • Freedom Square, Tblissi

    Freedom Square, Tblissi
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    The war with big brother Russia is on. How stupid and probably how inevitable, sadly enough. And one spot, that is always in the news and makes this lomo-location so vivid, is the freedom square. The funny thing is, the face of the demonstrations change its face at all times. One year ago I witnessed a demonstration against saakashvilli. Now, with the war in the back, he has somehow united the country from within. This looked differently half a year ago:

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