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  • Kazakh Steppe

    Kazakh Steppe
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    The largest country of Central Asia is Kasakhstan. But that doesn't mean that it is densely populated. The opposite is the case. The former Soviet Republic is rich of oil-resources but otherwise the nature is very poor. The harsh and high temperatures make it a not very fruitful soil. But besides the steppe of wild grass the soviet leadership tried to implement monocultures such as wheat or cotton in a very big style. So eventually the people, who formerly lived as nomads and had huge herds of sheep and cattle, became a nation of peasants and filled the largest chamber of wheat in the union.
  • Sanatorium Ferghana

    Sanatorium Ferghana
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    Uzbekistan is certainly lacking in infrastructure, especially in the field of tourism. Considering it is so rich in historic sites and have such a great potential they surely are years behind.