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  • Stone Alphabet (Ashtarak)

    Stone Alphabet (Ashtarak)
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    One sometimes gets the feeling, that there are no secrets anymore and no insider-information to be shared. The Internet left us with no doubts and lack of knowledge. But still there are some lomo-locations, that are truly mysterious and barely to be found otherwise. There is a spot in Armenia, which I passed by on a recent trip. It is situated around a city called Astarak, directly aside to the highway leading to the capital Yerevan.
  • Karen Demirchian Sport & Concert Complex, Yerevan

    Karen Demirchian Sport & Concert Complex, Yerevan
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    Well this is a story how to find out, where you have actually been. I don't know, if this sounds familiar to you, but sometimes I snap my brain away. I come from an exotic country with dozen of films and looking at the pictures I don't recall the name of the thing photographed. After I have been to the Armenian capital Yerevan I found myself in that spot.
  • Geghard Monastery

    Geghard Monastery
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    If you aim high you have to take steep steps. That would be the perfect description for the Geghard Monastery in Armenia. This outstanding example for religious architecture is not short of awkward atributes, which made it a UNESCO world heritage. Geghard was originally named Ayrivank, which means "monastery of the cave" and that surely is the allegory that fits this monument best because it is assembled in the natural landscape of the mountains and becomes a part of the stones. It was built in 1215 at site of a sacred cave-spring.

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