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  • Bukhara

    (Please note, this article is in another language)
    Now we are talking the real old school: When you talk about the United States or even Germany, we are talking about countries, which are as young as a child, who is starting to speak its first words. If we want to talk about adults and grandfather we will have to talk about the fabulous Uzbekistan and the city of Bukhara.
  • Baschnja - Abandoned Water-Tower Buchara

    Baschnja - Abandoned Water-Tower Buchara
    (Please note, this article is in another language)
    Uzbekistan is a fantastic country with several ancient cities, which were once part of the legendary silk road. One of them is Buchara. But I am not so much a historic site-checker, if you know what I mean. I rather go for the undiscovered urban places that hold a certain arcane quality.