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  • Twin Pagodas, Taiyuan, Shanxi province, China

    Twin Pagodas, Taiyuan, Shanxi province, China
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    In history (like everywhere) the bigger is better. Same in religion, but accompanied with the meaning of being closer to heaven. This time it is about two octagonal pagodas (the tallest pair in China :), each one of more then 50 meters tall, standing since 16th century and accompanied with the temple and peony garden, which supposed to blossom beautifully in spring.
  • Jinci Temple Complex Taiyuan, China

    Jinci Temple Complex Taiyuan, China
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    Located 25 kilometers southwest of Taiyuan, Jinci Temple complex featuring "Hall of Holy Mother", "Flying Bridge" and the embracing garden are perhaps the main tourist attraction of Taiyuan.
  • Pingyao, City Wall

    Pingyao, City Wall
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    After looking in the large pile of pictures, which I have made during a trip of three months in China, I surely discovered location-treasures. I have been first to China in 1999 and I spent about three months traveling around. Quite soon I bought a bike to take some tours with it. I soon understood, that this is stupid in such a massive country. But I had to learn. I bought the vehicle with the help of some students in Xian. From there I went south with my bike and I wanted to see how far it takes me. The ride itself was the adventure all ready, hence traffic is meanwhile quite wild in china. But at the same time you have your own speed and you don’t have to talk to anybody. Well not everybody. But it´s amazing as soon as you are on the streets cars and motos drive pass you in a slow gear and are amazed by seeing a laowai (long nose, foreigner) on their street. It is a bit like being Brangelina. I remember stopping at a melon-vendor aside the highway and soon after the place was crowded, because the wanted to be part of the gossip. I slept in the cornfield and with some repairs I reached Pingyao and I was done. But the sight on the UNESCO world heritage built me up again. The centre of the city of 400.000 is one of the few remaining city walls of the past Chinese empire. Most of them have been torn down over the years and used for other buildings. But this wall reminds you so much of martial art movies set in ancient times. I wonder if Pingyao is the true Hong Kong Movie-Mekka.