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  • Cathedral de Sacré Coeur

    Cathedral de Sacré Coeur
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    This is one site - that is, as far as I know, not mentioned in any travel book - but for me it is a very astonishing place: The Cathedral de Sacré Coeur in Oran (Algeria). During the French occupation in Algeria the authorities turned the Islamic state bit by bit into a Christian copy of France.
  • Santa Cruz - The top of Oran

    Santa Cruz - The top of Oran
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    Algeria has always been a pinball between the empires of Europe and Africa. The powers changed every once in a while and left traces of their rule in form of bricks. The Spanish also had their share of the Algerian Soil.
  • Ghostship-Ride, El Viaje Grande

    Ghostship-Ride, El Viaje Grande
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    I wanted to go from Germany to Algeria. Like always, things were getting complicated and you had to adjust smartly to the odds. The possibilities were taking a plane, a ship or do the walk instead of just of talking the talk. I fell in love with the idea to take a ferry from Spain to Algeria. Those are the most common option for most of the Algerians living abroad.
  • Home-Fig-Harvest in Algeria

    Home-Fig-Harvest in Algeria
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    My trip to Algeria this summer, with its special exotic of the North-African coast, had a few moments to remember. We got attached to a family, with who we spent most of our time. They had a fantastic house at a large avenue. But behind a wall towards the street shined a quite big yard with a pretty house and even with a sub-yard, where they put all the trash. Like a massive garage. This espacio had even more quality, because a nice fig-tree was growing there and his huge branches were heading over to the "show-off" yard. Figs can be harvested two times a year, if I remember right, and for our stay in August we got lucky to be right on time!