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  • Banks Peninsula, New Zealand

    Banks Peninsula, New Zealand
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    Banks Peninsula is located near Christchurch in New Zealand's south island. The place is really breathtaking with amazing landscapes of mountains encountering the sea. It has a volcanic origin that's why the landscapes over there are so amazing.
  • ニュージーランド バンクス半島

    ニュージーランド バンクス半島
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  • Christchurch

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    Usually when I meet travelers who've been to Christchurch (New Zealand), they often didn't really like it. One person described it to me as a "horrible little town". And while it's not a town (it's a whole city, thank you very much), I can see what they mean. If you try and go out on Sunday - Wednesday nights, the city is pretty much deserted (except for backpacker & $1-drink bars, but the locals who hang out there aren't really the best ambassadors for the city) and for about half of the year it's cold, grey, and miserable.

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