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Pizza Jazz The Best Place of Good Music and Food!

If you have a great taste of music and you love interesting and delicious food, well that's a perfect place for you.

Jazz music is one I like the most, and pizza is also, one of my favorite’s. That’s why I am the permanent visitor of this nice place with red velvet couches and cozy lights. Pizza Jazz slogan: tasty food, good music and smiling waitress is real and good measured. Ribs with barbecue sauce and grilled potatoes, chocolate cake with almond and cherries, dumplings with wild mushrooms and various pizzas are perfect and served up modestly. This restaurant was the first up to date place of “high quality”,where we could spend time in a comfortable and snug atmosphere, especially in Christmas time drinking hot wine with orange and cinnamon.

On Saturday evening pizza jazz is ready to serve not only fantastic table masterpieces but also great amount of music with DJ’s, popular chamber orchestra or even retro films review.

So if someday somehow you are going through Lithuania, you should know, that there is a place, with red velvet couches to take a rest after trip and of course, to stuff your stomach with tasty pizza baked in jazz music context.

Geschrieben von dogma

5 Kommentare

  1. panelomo


    ... and i thought all along that my place had the best food and music. :)

    vor fast 5 Jahre · Spam melden
  2. stouf


    Looks very nice !

    vor fast 5 Jahre · Spam melden
  3. dogma


    @panelomo oh i can bet your place is same great as Pizza Jazz :)

    vor fast 5 Jahre · Spam melden
  4. disdis


    This stage is gping to be rough! Great locations!

    vor fast 5 Jahre · Spam melden
  5. anarchy


    Ooooooohhhh........ Pizza Jazz, I neeeeed you!!!! =))))

    vor fast 5 Jahre · Spam melden

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