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Get Ready for the Big Games!

We're all getting excited for the imminent start of the long awaited activities in London. To get you in the mood, here are some sports related photos.

Beach Volleyball – hit the beach with your Lomo Actionsampler and have a game.

Photo by lomollita

Boxing – the Lomo LC-A is a total knockout.

Photo by miriel

Athletics – on your marks, get set…cross process.

Photo by goldie

Swimming – don’t forget your Lomo Krab.

Photo by jennson

Shooting – Lomography hits the target.

Photo by azzzy

Diving – top bombing.

Photo by mizzfonky

Badminton – don’t hit the shuttlecock wide, unless you’re shooting with a Lomo Horizon.

Photo by anelfandhiszippo

Basketball – slam dunk your Holga 120N.

Photo by boredbone

Canoeing – paddle your camera hard.

Photo by lereile

Cycling – spokes and Sprocket Rockets.

Photo by hodachrome

Fencing – on guard!

Photo by irbypace

Gymnastics – floor mats and matt photos.

Photo by sugiyamasatomi

Wrestling – get your shutter release in a…‘hold’!

Photo by kareninalovely

Rowing – two oars and two exposures.

Photo by stevelomo

Sailing – load some black-and-white film and pray for wind.

Photo by artichekt

Tennis – don’t double fault.

Photo by mensoll

Trampolining – bounce high.

Photo by easilydistracted

Geschrieben von bsmart

8 Kommentare

  1. dearjme


    Silly, indeed :)

    vor mehr als 2 Jahre · Spam melden
  2. buckshot


    This is excellent! Very entertaining, and funny too - love it!

    vor mehr als 2 Jahre · Spam melden
  3. bsmart


    @buckshot Thanks :)

    vor mehr als 2 Jahre · Spam melden
  4. guanatos


    nice idea :)

    vor mehr als 2 Jahre · Spam melden
  5. lomonesia


    i don't like sport,but i agree with your idea!

    vor mehr als 2 Jahre · Spam melden
  6. 134340


    welcome! :)

    vor mehr als 2 Jahre · Spam melden
  7. sprofishgel


    Hey, that´s me on the first photo =D can I have a medal ??

    vor mehr als 2 Jahre · Spam melden
  8. sirio174


    great photos here!

    vor mehr als 2 Jahre · Spam melden

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