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Analogue Marathon 2012 – Comment Climb endete am 2. August 2012

For the 3rd challenge of the Analogue Marathon, just make a comment on 50 or more photos and you’ll automatically get 5 Piggy Points to spend in the Online Shop! Head over the jump for details…

Photo by filby

Comment Climb – Comment on 50 Photos

This challenge runs from 2pm CET August 1st until 2pm CET August 2nd

Here is a task which will test both your endurance and fulfill your love for all the awesome photos on the Lomography site! All you have to do is make a comment on 50 photos that fascinate and thrill you. Remember to climb carefully and make comments on the photos which you really think are deserving of some analogue love! And remember that you are also playing for individual bonus points with each challenge – We’ll award the 3 best performing commenters with some extra Piggies! Challenge ends August 2nd at 2pm CET.

Photo by disdis

Coach’s Corner – How to comment on a photo

To comment on a photo, just scroll down to below the photo where you’ll see a grey box. Type what you want to say in the box, hit the ‘Leave comment’ button and, voila, your comment will be made! If you are looking for guaranteed good photos, take a trip to the Selected Page and you’ll find tons. There’s not much more to say, so no need to hang around here much longer – Team Lomography, get commenting!

Play for your Country

In addition to the individual prizes on offer for participating in the Analogue Marathon, we also have a daily country bonus offer for the country with the highest ratio of users who complete the challenge. You’ll find information on each day’s winning country in our daily Analogue Marathon update articles.

The Share and Win Race

Looking for a bonus task? Like this article by clicking the ‘like’ link below – If we hit more than 2012 likes before Friday, you’ll unlock an extra Piggy Point Prize!

*Don’t have a LomoHome yet? No problem, register here to begin your Lomography journey!

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12 Kommentare

  1. elvismartinezsmith


    yeah! :D

    vor mehr als 2 Jahre · Spam melden
  2. cecily


    but.. it doesn't work.. :/

    vor mehr als 2 Jahre · Spam melden
  3. gibb9


    Let's Go !!

    vor mehr als 2 Jahre · Spam melden
  4. 110isnotdead


    We can do it.

    vor mehr als 2 Jahre · Spam melden
  5. marthasmarvels


    Struggling with this one ...

    vor mehr als 2 Jahre · Spam melden
  6. dkersbergen


    Just photo's or also articles because there are some really great articles out there!

    vor mehr als 2 Jahre · Spam melden
  7. marcustegtmeier


    @dkersbergen But there are also a lot of great photos out there, at least 50 :)

    vor mehr als 2 Jahre · Spam melden
  8. andpoto501

    yo quierooo!

    vor mehr als 2 Jahre · Spam melden
  9. camerabrain


    Thank you everyone who commented on my pics!

    vor mehr als 2 Jahre · Spam melden
  10. shea_w



    vor mehr als 2 Jahre · Spam melden
  11. xtina70


    what if i comment to over than 50 photos, bcos there are so many great photos had to be commented :D

    vor mehr als 2 Jahre · Spam melden
  12. priyankamehta13


    I've commenting and commenting, while I'm sitting in class! I even got an award "Writings on the wall" :-) I'm really getting into the groove of this. I realized getting comments on my pictures makes me happy, why not make someone else happy with my comments too (maybe). Spreading the Lomo-Love. Also my Piggy points end today :-( but there's no way I've saved up enough to buy myself a lomo-cam :-( Oh well... Happy Commenting guys! I know I've been having fun!

    vor mehr als 2 Jahre · Spam melden

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