All Taped Up: Art by Max Zorn

2011-07-15 1

As the creative world continues to find unique alternatives to common art forms, an artist from Amsterdam got an awesome idea to explore the possibilities of using light as a medium.

Can you make art out of random, ordinary household items that often go unnoticed—like brown tape? Once you see Max Zorn’s unique and stunning art, we bet you’ll never see brown tape the same way again.

Max Zorn, a street artist who hails from Amsterdam in the Netherlands, was inspired to use translucent brown tape instead of paint or other common materials to create eye-catching artworks. It all began when Zorn saw how his car designer friend used slim tapes to quickly create outlines and sketches. By that time, although similar forms of tape art had already surfaced, they are commonly seen only on walls or streets.

So, to make things more interesting, Zorn puts his tape art on street lights around Amsterdam, using the golden light to turn the bits and pieces of translucent brown tape plastered on flexible Plexi-glass into a glowing masterpiece.

So far, Zorn has made a variety of compelling portraits, from boxers, to lovers, to a twist on classic art. Take a look at some of his skillfully made art, all taped up:

All photos from Max Zorn's Official Website

What do you think of Max Zorn’s masterpieces out of brown tape? Tell us about it with a comment below!

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