A Giant Map of Germany’s Finest Lomographs at Photokina 2012


Imagine that you’re just a stroll away from Cologne and a hop away from Berlin and Munich. Hamburg is a few steps away too. Thanks to the great collaborative work between Lomography and Das Telefonbuch, this is made possible!

This Lomo-Map would not have happened if it did not involve our great German community of Lomographers, who we asked to submit Lomographs featuring several German facets as people, items, attractions, famous (or not) spots from the cities where they lived, or other German places they visited. We collected over 25,000 photos, which were used for this massive collage that is now located directly in front of Cologne’s famous cathedral and only a 20 minutes walk from our legendary Lomography Gallery Store in Cologne.

It took over 1500 hours to fill the 1000 m² large map with over 170,000 analog images that are divided into 1560 Lomo panels. But the result is extraordinary. Every city on the map is represented by images of the attractions, places and people from the 138 regions Germany has. Some of you might be the lucky ones to have your pictures chosen!

The launch yesterday involved competitions, photo treasure hunts and a lot of music! If you missed the opening session, visit the exhibition anyway, because we have hidden a small photo treasure hunt in the map and photokina has also hidden a number of QR-Codes in Germany. If you have a smartphone that can read QR-Codes, this is definitely something you might want to keep a sharp eye on, because you might just win tickets to Photokina 2012!

And of course, we announced the great winners of the competition at the opening ceremony! Look at their happy faces! Congratulations to all three of you!

Want to see more? Well, this is all we could get for now, but stay tuned to the magazine for the latest and greatest from Photokina 2012.

Are you heading to Photokina this year? Show us some of the photos from the events here in the comments, or submit a tip on exciting photography news by emailing us.

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  1. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    wow! 10.000 euro?!

  2. ilkadj
    ilkadj ·

    @superlighter I know right, craaazeeeeee!

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