Click Click and Away: Accessories Edition


Hey there cowboys and cowgirls! It’s time to get liking to win a surprise goodie again! Which is your favourite LomoAccessory? Click like and drop us a comment and you might be the lucky winner. Read on to find out how it works.

Credits: noomink

During yesterday’s edition of Click Click And Away we asked you to pick your favorite film. Today the rules are the same but we have accessories for you to pick from. Who will be the lucky one to be picked from the likers of the most liked accessory? Will it be you? Just hit like and find out!

  1. DigitaLIZA 35mm Scanning Mask, gives you the convenience to scan your 35mm negatives in the format that you wish.
  2. DigitaLIZA 120mm Scanning Mask, gives you control over the scan of your 120mm negatives the way you want them.
  3. Lomography Notebook, contains plenty of space for making daily notes, practicing your best friends signature or simply designing a new sparkly spacesuit for NASA. <div class=“fb-like”== data-href=“:” data-send=“true” data-layout=“button_count” data-width=“412” data-show-faces=“false” style=“margin: 4px 0 8px;”>
  • Lomography Ringflash, surrounds your lens and throws a burst of perfectly even light onto your subject.
  • LC-A Instant Back+, the dream accessory for instant photography fans.
  • LOMO LC-A Big Book, Stuffed with more than 3.000 unique images, this book traces the LOMO LC-A back to its root.
  • Fritz the Blitz Flash, gives you the chance to enjoy the fantastic features of this powerful flash.
  • LC-A+ Wide-Angle Lens, takes that comfortable 32mm view that we know– and expands it into a 20mm super-wide and full-frame paradise.
  • Fisheye No.2 Keychain, miniature versions of your favorite Fisheye n.2.
  • Diana F+ Flash Black, attaches directly to the camera and fully syncs the flash to the shutter.
  • geschrieben von sladuredka am 2012-06-27 in #News #film #competition #race #accessories #facebook #likes #click-click-and-away

    Voller Stolz präsentieren wir euch unsere drei neuen Jubiläumseditionen der LC-A+, LC-Wide und LC-A 120 im exklusiv geprägten Leder-Design. Zu haben gibt es diese Special Editions nur solange der Vorrat reicht, also sichert euch schnell euer eigenes Stückchen Lomo-Erbe im Online Shop oder in einem Gallery Store in eurer Nähe!

    122 Kommentare

    1. mochilis
      mochilis ·

      LC-A instant back!!

    2. jujudias
      jujudias ·

      Lomography Ringflash

    3. malexrosales
      malexrosales ·

      Lomography Ringflash!!

    4. nadxnad
      nadxnad ·

      Lomography Ringflash! if you like it, you should put a ringflash on it.

    5. icuresick
      icuresick ·

      LC-A+ Wide Angle Lens!

    6. tsingtao
      tsingtao ·

      DigitaLIZA 35mm Scanning Mask

    7. adi_totp
      adi_totp ·

      Lomography Ringflash!

    8. m23
      m23 ·

      Lomography Ringflash

    9. gemmasphotos
      gemmasphotos ·

      Lomography Ringflash! :)

    10. fisher-price
      fisher-price ·

      Lomography Ringflash! Love It!

    11. kneehigh85
      kneehigh85 ·

      I love the ringflash!

    12. coca
      coca ·

      LC-A Instant Back+!!!

    13. tikismeekis
      tikismeekis ·

      Lomography ringflash!!!!

    14. el_gomex
      el_gomex ·

      Fritz the Blitz Flash

    15. deprofundis
      deprofundis ·

      Lomography Ringflash

    16. space_they_cannot_touch
      space_they_cannot_touch ·

      Lomography Ringflash!

    17. endorphin
      endorphin ·

      Lomography Ringflash!!

    18. joaomiguelsantoscunha
      joaomiguelsantoscunha ·

      Lomography Ringflash!!! 'Cause color is fun!

    19. undiscovered
      undiscovered ·

      Lomography Ringflash!

    20. ramseses
      ramseses ·

      Lomography Ringflash!!

    21. rancliffhasenza
      rancliffhasenza ·

      Lomography Ringflash! :)

    22. minchi
      minchi ·

      Digitaliza 120mm Scanning Mask

    23. ariannapaloma
      ariannapaloma ·


    24. whiskeydoodles
      whiskeydoodles ·

      Diana F+ Flash Black

    25. eugenia
      eugenia ·

      DigitaLIZA 35mm Scanning Mask

    26. istionojr
      istionojr ·

      fritz the blitz~

    27. littlekoala
      littlekoala ·

      Fritz the Blitz Flash...for my new la Sardina beach edition :)

    28. kblair82
      kblair82 ·

      Fritz the Blitz Flash!

    29. melize
      melize ·

      Diana F+ Flash Black!!!

    30. hervinsyah
      hervinsyah ·

      Yes, I'm in. Fritz the blitz flash, please =D

    31. hervinsyah
      hervinsyah ·

      OMG, I didn't notice ringflash, I'm changing my mind, yes ringflash please =D

    32. ripsta
      ripsta ·

      Digitaliza 120mm Scanning Mask

    33. treeman
      treeman ·

      Diana F+ Flash Black!

    34. brendamanthe
      brendamanthe ·

      Fritz the Blitz Flash

    35. emaharris1313
      emaharris1313 ·

      Lomography ringflash!

    36. shind
      shind ·

      Lomography Ringflash!

    37. ucinz
      ucinz ·

      Lomography Ringflash! (◦'⌣'◦)

    38. eskimofriend
      eskimofriend ·

      Lomography Ringflash!

    39. walasiteodito
      walasiteodito ·

      Lomography Ringflash!

    40. jojo8785
      jojo8785 ·

      Lomography Ringflash!

    41. coolsigg
      coolsigg ·

      LCA Instant Back!

    42. robotto_dawad
      robotto_dawad ·

      Lomography Ringflash

    43. 134340
      134340 ·

      Lomography Ringflash!!!

    44. gatorchick
      gatorchick ·

      LC-A wide angle lens! Gimme!!! :)

    45. mightymouse
      mightymouse ·

      Lomography Ringflash

    46. shea_w
      shea_w ·

      Lomography Ringflash! Adds a nice touch!

    47. kimo
      kimo ·


    48. lostlittlekid
      lostlittlekid ·

      Lomography Ringflash!!!!

    49. kendralugo
      kendralugo ·

      Fritz the Blitz!

    50. megs79
      megs79 ·

      Fitz the Blitz flash!

    51. devildi
      devildi ·

      Fritz the Blitz Flash ;-)

    52. tomkiddo
      tomkiddo ·

      Fritz the Blitz Flash :)

    53. paulinaanna
      paulinaanna ·

      Lomography Ringflash! it's so great! :)

    54. lawypop
      lawypop ·

      Diana F+ Flash Black! :))

    55. minilidia
      minilidia ·

      Lomography Ringflash!

    56. fish300
      fish300 ·

      Lomography Ringflash

    57. fish300
      fish300 ·

      Lomography Ringflash

    58. dearjme
      dearjme ·

      Like! for the LC-A+ instant back!!!! :) gotta love instax and my lc-a+ <3

    59. kiri-girl
      kiri-girl ·

      LC-A+ Wide Angle Lens!

    60. negus
      negus ·

      Riiiiing Flash! mmm colour!

    61. v-u
      v-u ·

      Fritz the Blitz Flash!!!!!!!!!

    62. kleinerkaries
      kleinerkaries ·

      lomography ringflash!

    63. gibri
      gibri ·

      Lomography Ringflash !!!!!!!!!!

    64. sirio174
      sirio174 ·

      Diana F+ flash back!

    65. crossbrasil
      crossbrasil ·

      Lomography Ringflash

    66. guanatos
      guanatos ·

      go wide or go home!!!! LC-A+ Wide-Angle Lens.

    67. alburnkat
      alburnkat ·

      Lomography Ringflash

    68. chloeackers
      chloeackers ·

      LC-A Instant Back+

    69. horstler
      horstler ·

      LC-A Instant Back+

    70. xaviru
      xaviru ·

      DigitaLIZA 120mm Scanning Mask... but this is because the motorizer is not in the list! :-(

    71. nola4ever
      nola4ever ·

      I liked the Lomography Ringflash!

    72. nike-liscaljet
      nike-liscaljet ·

      Ringflash :)

    73. jelencitta
      jelencitta ·

      DigitaLIZA 35mm Scanning Mask... =)

    74. cosmicpnay80
      cosmicpnay80 ·

      Lomography Ringflash

    75. vtayeh
      vtayeh ·

      I have a ton of fun with Lomo LCA + Ringflash of course!

    76. eljonsalenga
      eljonsalenga ·

      lomography ringflash yeah!

    77. jael
      jael ·

      Lomography Ringflash it's an addition to so much cameras

    78. saracruz
      saracruz ·

      DigitaLIZA 120mm Scanning Mask, gives you control over the scan of your 120mm negatives the way you want them.

    79. saracruz
      saracruz ·

      DigitaLIZA 120mm Scanning Mask, gives you control over the scan of your 120mm negatives the way you want them.

    80. analogue-agnes
      analogue-agnes ·

      Lomography Ringflash

    81. analogue-agnes
      analogue-agnes ·

      Lomography Ringflash

    82. flashstalker
      flashstalker ·

      LC-A Instant Back+! or Front ? eehheh I like it!!

    83. azotolina
      azotolina ·

      Fritz the Blitz Flash! I love it!

    84. sammystar
      sammystar ·

      LC-A Instant Back +
      Dream come true if i win this!

    85. natalieerachel
      natalieerachel ·

      Diana F+ Flash Black, works with almost allll of my cameras! Perfect little thing :)

    86. brucelython
      brucelython ·

      Lomography Ringflash

    87. keripicolla
      keripicolla ·

      DigitaLIZA 35mm Scanning Mask - Love it.

    88. dikasapi
      dikasapi ·

      LC-A+ Wide Angle Lens!! Everytime i need it!

    89. silviaphoto77
      silviaphoto77 ·

      DigitaLIZA 35mm Scanning Mask

    90. priyankamehta13
      priyankamehta13 ·

      Lomography Ringflash Foshizz :-)

    91. remko
      remko ·

      LC-A Instant Back+, yeah! I like it!

    92. stuckintraffic
      stuckintraffic ·

      Lomography Ringflash! :)

    93. oanatam
      oanatam ·

      LOMO RINGFLASH all the way !!! :)

    94. khatijahnurain
      khatijahnurain ·

      I want DigitaLIZA 35mm Scanning Mask.. please? :D

    95. blancarleal
      blancarleal ·

      LC-A Instant Back+

    96. feelux
      feelux ·

      Lomography Ringflash!

    97. helen-jiang-310
      helen-jiang-310 ·

      Lomo LC-A Instant Back+, it's so versatile!

    98. dollymixture
      dollymixture ·

      Fritz the Blitz Flash

    99. spongypenny
      spongypenny ·

      ♥ Lomography LC-A Instant Back+

    100. badjuju
      badjuju ·

      LC-A Instant Back+, the dream accessory for instant photography fans!!!

    101. befaster
      befaster ·

      The notebook of course, to write down all my lomographic adventures!

    102. carlos_perezderozas
      carlos_perezderozas ·

      I prefer the 35mm back for Diana

    103. marisbaraini
      marisbaraini ·

      DigitaLIZA 35mm Scanning Mask :))

    104. davideji
      davideji ·

      Ringflash :)

    105. digitaljunk
      digitaljunk ·

      DigitaLIZA 35mm Scanning Mask
      Because, as well as getting the sprockets in, it holds the film nice and flat for scanning throughout its length (better at this than the masks that came with my scanner). But sometimes my shot taken with the Spinner is longer than the maximum length of film the mask allows.

    106. digitaljunk
      digitaljunk ·

      ...and Lomography Ringflash, for its versatility.

    107. niasarinastiti
      niasarinastiti ·

      Lomography Ringflash!

    108. hhjm
      hhjm ·

      LC-A+ Wide-Angle Lens.

    109. erinwoodgatesphotography
      erinwoodgatesphotography ·

      lomography ringflash!

    110. barack31
      barack31 ·

      Lomography Ringflash and yeah, I like it!

    111. xephryrus
      xephryrus ·

      LOMO LC-A BiG Book and yeah, i like it!

    112. zipper
      zipper ·

      Lomography Ringflash!! but, why isn't the Krab in this selection??? :(

    113. cutebun
      cutebun ·

      LC-A+ Wide-Angle Lens

    114. lulomo
      lulomo ·

      LC-A Instant Back+

    115. sea_monstersss
      sea_monstersss ·

      ringflash! :)

    116. dreadlockboy
      dreadlockboy ·

      Lomography Ringflash!! :)

    117. molerat007
      molerat007 ·

      Lomography DigitaLIZA !!

    118. pearlgirl77
      pearlgirl77 ·

      DigitaLIZA 120mm Scanning Mask !! i will have it.. because i love the 35mm mask and i neeed ne 120 too :D

    119. erikagrendel
      erikagrendel ·

      5.LC-A Instant Back+,

    120. marinabenito
      marinabenito ·

      Lomography Ringflash *

    121. chernnie
      chernnie ·

      LC-A+ Wide-Angle Lens <3 :D love it!

    122. jaybees80
      jaybees80 ·

      ringflash of course!!!

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