Lomography and Other Analogue Cameras in Fashion Magazines

I was flipping through some magazines with my friend and was surprised to see our very own Diana Mini along with some others in a few of the photos!

Diana in the April edition Free People magazine

I suppose it shouldn’t come as a shock to see analogue in fashion. Cameras are great accessories to add to everyday outfits. You could say that most people think that wearing or carrying a camera is considered an “in” thing nowadays. However, the lomography and analogue trend have quickly grown bigger as time has passed by. I spot cameras quite frequently in magazines and ads.

A Holga in the May edition Foam Mini mag

Other analogue cameras have found their way into the hands of fashion as well!

Olympus SLR in a Giejo ad from the May edition of Foam
Another SLR in the April edition of Anthropologie

Not only are analogue cameras used as props or worn as an accessory, but they are being used to take fashion photos as well.

Fuji Instax Wide used for an article about Lydia Hearst-Shaw in the May edition of Foam

The analogue trend continues in ads for other things as well. Mimicking the look of film strips, 35mm and 120 are often used.

Raisin bikini ad in May edition of Foam
PacSun ad in stores and in the May edition of Foam

It’s easy to say that lomography and analogue are not dead. So keep shooting and spreading the lomo love!

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