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Crossing the spring..

Crossing the spring..

All 120 films I shot with Diana ´till now where partly unexposed - this time I got 12 shots out of the roll and am pretty happy with the results. :-) The greenish-blueish colours of the Provia are exactly what I was hoping for when usinng the film. And the leaks are fanatstic - when I took the roll out of the camera I feared all the film was burned as it sat very flimsy on the roll...

schugger Dieses Bild wurde analog auf Film aufgenommen. Lomograph: schugger
Kamera: Lomography Diana F+ Wide Angle Lens (erhältlich in unserem Online Shop)
Film: fuji provia (120, 400) expired
Ort: Cologne / Köln
Tags: light, leaks, magnolie, baum, magnolia, tree, angle, wide, vignette, draußen, outside, natur, nature, green, blue, fuji, 400, provia, x-pro, xpro, cross, frühling und spring
Date: 2014-03-23
Time: Afternoon
gefunden im Album: Diana F crossed spring

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