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i love, love, LOVE polaroids, but I rarely take instant pictures because they are sooo expensive. but whenever i do, i'm absolutely stunned with the results.

i often hear people ranting about the instant films by the impossible project, but besides from the high costs i never had a complaint. i love the colors, the pastel shades and the black and white ones are also great.
so for the fourth week, i created a mixed album of some polaroids i’ve taken a while ago as well as some very recent ones.

i also tried the technique of “emulsion lift”. some of my first attempts didn’t turn out so well, but after a while i figured out how to not completely mess up the emulsion. i guess i’m always a little too unpatient with such things.
i experimented with different papers – aquarell/watercolor paper, gold-colored paper and hand-made paper (i made this myself out of old newspaper). the hand-made one was very difficult to handle, because it almost fell apart, when i soaked it in the water. but i somehow managed to get it out in one piece.

i think i’ll have to shoot more polaroids in the future… i just love them. i’m also going to try emulsion lifts again someday.

Here’s the whole album: another nice mess

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  1. sierravictor


    One alternative to polaroids are Fuji Instax Wide-film. I bought a camera for that kind of film, Fuji Instax 100, for £19. 20 pictures, two films, cost £15 where i bought them. Look a bit down on this side for film and camera:
    Some info from Fuji:

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  2. santa-sangre


    those photos..........destroyed beauty? I like it!

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  3. kekskonstrukt


    @sierravictor thanks for the links and the infos! i'm definitely going to check it out.

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  4. kekskonstrukt


    @santa-sangre thanks :)

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