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No Rain

No Rain

I was invited by Sheila May, a good friend of mine and a professional photographer in Hamburg, to assist at an outdoor beauty shooting with three beautiful amateur models. It was supposed to be a 'rain shooting', but unfortunately there was no rain. We did the shooting anyway and luckily the girls allowed me to take some shots with my Polaroid cam too. They really made my day. Just take a look at these awesome pictures. Thanks to Sheila May and the girls for a great day.

dermanu Lomograph: dermanu
Kamera: Polaroid 636 Autofocus
Film: Impossible PX 600 Silver Shade Gold Edition
Ort: Hamburg
Tags: amateur models, sheila may photography, models, girls, nature, beauty, shooting, no rain, svenja, schneewittchen, pond und wet
Date: 2012-10-13
Time: Afternoon
gefunden im Album: No Rain

9 Kommentare

  1. tamsoam



    vor fast 2 Jahre · Spam melden
  2. kangiha


    great shots, Cheers!

    vor fast 2 Jahre · Spam melden
  3. dreadlockboy


    yeah :D

    vor mehr als ein Jahr · Spam melden
  4. song_number_two


    yeeee =)))

    vor mehr als ein Jahr · Spam melden
  5. yerzmyey


    This photo is good in _many_ aspects. ;)

    vor etwa ein Jahr · Spam melden
  6. hotriffs


    like a mud warrior :)
    vor etwa ein Jahr · Spam melden
  7. realrampage


    niiiice !!

    vor etwa ein Jahr · Spam melden
  8. andrejrusskovskij



    vor 11 Monate · Spam melden
  9. bloomchen


    joar! klasse!

    vor 10 Monate · Spam melden